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Troop 412 Forms and Documents
Troop 412 Campout permission slip Consent form for the Troop 412 monthly campout.
Troop 412 Positions of Leadership Troop 412 Scout leadership positions duties and responsibilities.  This document covers all positions from Senior Patrol Leader to Scribe.
Adult Information Sheet Adult Personal Data Collection Form for Troop 412.   Auto insurance and other personal data. 
Code of Conduct Troop 412 Discipline Policy 03/03/2014
TROOP 412 By-Laws 140223 Troop 412 Policies and Bylaws Draft.  Revision Date 02/23/14.  Received from Larry Gerlt 05/16/2014.
Troop 412 Policies and Bylaws Troop 412 Policies and Bylaws updated 06/05/2007. (Old version.  Will be removed soon.)
Board of Review Policy Board of Review Policy approved 05/18/2014.
Pack 412 Forms and Documents
Pack 412 Policies and Guidelines Pack 412 Policies and Guidelines updated Feb 2007.
Den Advancement Report Den Leaders use this to record advancement for Ranks, Arrow Points, Activity Badges, Compass Points and Service Stars.  This is BSA form #33847.
Unit Advancement Report Advancement chairs use this form to submit advancements to the Scout Shop for any type of rank.  This is used for both Cubs Scouts and Boy Scouts ranks.  This is BSA form #34403A.
Trail to First Class Classes
Cover Sheet and Time Line.  You can download all the TTFC classes individualy below or get the ZIP archived files here:,,
Tenderfoot Tenderfoot 1 - prepare backpack
Tenderfoot 2 - pitch a tent
Tenderfoot 3 - cooking and cleaning
Tenderfoot - 3 cooking
Tenderfoot - 4a - whip and fuse rope
Tenderfoot - 4b - tie knots
Tenderfoot - 4c - edge
Tenderfoot - 5 - hiking rules
Tenderfoot - 6 - flag etiquette
Tenderfoot - 7 - Oath and Law
Tenderfoot - 8 - flag, yell, name
Tenderfoot - 9 - buddy system and bullying
Tenderfoot - 10 a and b - physical fitness
Tenderfoot - 11 - poisonous plants
Tenderfoot - 12a - choking
Tenderfoot - 12b - basic first aid
2nd Class 1a 2nd Class - compass
1b 2nd Class - 5 mile hike
2 2nd Class - Leave no Trace
3a 2nd Class - Five Activities
3b 2st Class - choose a campsite
3c 2st Class - use and care of knife saw & ax
3d 2st Class - Tinder and Kindling
3e 2st Class - camp stove and camp fire
3f 2st Class - set up camp stove and camp fire
3g 2st Class - cook a hot meal
4 2st Class - Flag respect and ceremony
5 2st Class - Service project
6 2st Class - wildlife
7a 2nd Class - Hurry Cases
7b 2nd Class - First Aid Kt Cases
7c 2nd Class - General First Aid
8a 2st Class - safe swim
8b 2st Class - swim 25 feet
8c 2st Class - water rescues
9a 2st Class - drug program
9b 2st Class - 3 Rs of safety
10 2st Class - save money
1st Class 1 1st Class -find directions
2 1st Class - orienteering course
4a 1st Class - plan a menu
4b 1st Class - menu costs
4c 1st Class - cooking utensils
4d 1st Class - proper food handling
4e 1st Class - cook meals on a campout
5 1st Class - visit a civic leader
6 1st Class - 10 plants
7a 1st Class - knots for lashing staves
7b 1st Class - make a camp gadget
8a1st Class - bowline
8b 1st Class - first aid bandages
8c 1st Class - first aid carry techniques
8d 1st Class - first aid heart attack
9a 1st Class -safety afloat
9b 1st Class -BSA swim test
9c 1st Class -Line and tender rescue
11 1st Class -cyberbully
Hypothermia Questions Material covered from Troop Meeting presented by Mrs. Auch on cold weather safety.
Hypothermia Answers Answer sheet.
Mid-America Council Forms
Annual Health and Medical Form This form gets revised frequently.  It's location changes as well.  Currenlty (May 2014) it is located here on  Download the "Are you Going To Camp" form.  Parts A,B, & C (physical exam) are required for Adults for any campout.  Parts A, B, & C (physical exam) are for Scouts going on Summer Camp.  Parts A & B are required for Scouts going on any Scouting activity. 
Other BSA Forms
Adult Volunteer Form BSA form 28-501.  Adult Leader Application
Annual Consent Form  
Boy Scout Application Form BSA form 28-209Y. Boy Scout Application
Boy Scout Leader Training Award Form  
Merit Badge Counselor Application  
Individual Scout Record Form  
MAC Local Tour Permit Form This is the Mid-America Council local tour permit.  It is slightly different from BSA national.
Local Tour Permit This is the Official Boy Scouts of America Local Tour Permit
BSA Accident Claim Form  
Money Earning Permit Form  
Scout Advancement Trail  
Scout Advancement Trail 2  
National Tour Permit  
Physical Fitness Award Application  
New Unit Application BSA form 28-402P. New Unit Application
Guide to Safe Scouting The purpose of the Guide to Safe Scouting is to prepare members of the Boy Scouts of America to conduct Scouting activities in a safe and prudent manner. The policies and guidelines have been established because of the real need to protect members from known hazards that have been identified through 100 years of experience.  This is the July 2015 edition.  The online version and updates can be found here.  The Android version can be found here.
Troop Helps  
Boy Scouts Guide to Advancement 2011 Updated guide to Boy Scout advancement.  This is current as of Fall 2011.
Troop W.I.S.E. This is an excellent guide to a Scout Led Troop.  This document is provided free of charge at or directly at
Board of Review Training for Leaders
Advice and tips for conducting a Board of Review for Scouts in your Troop.
Dutch Oven Cookbooks
Campfire Cookbook 2 by Sharon Martin
The Dutch Oven Cookbook by Mike Audleman
The Geezer Cookbook by Dwayne Pritchett
Philmont Country Cookbook  
Favorite Recipes for Camp by Sharon Martin
Troop 28 Cookbook by Brian L. Roop
The Powhatan Dutch Oven Cookbook by John Lyver
Fun With Dutch Ovens by Gary Yerkes
Scout Dutch Oven Cookbook  
A Taste of Troop 928 Cookbook  
Baking Temperature Chart by Lodge Cast Iron
Totin' Chip
Teaching Syllabus for Totin' Chip Complete Totin' Chip Course plus Questions and Answers
Totin' Chip Course Outline Totin' Chip Course
Totin' Chip Quick Quiz Quiz 1
Totin' Chip Quiz Quiz 2
Scout Program Planning
Camp Cedars 2009 Camp Cedars Camp Guide for Leaders for 2009
Camp Cedars 2008 Camp Cedars Camp Guide for Leaders for 2008
Cub Camping Guide for 2008 2008 Cub Camping Leaders Guide for the Mid-America Council.  This covers Summer Camps in the area like Camp Eagle, Wakanda, Little Sioux and others for 2008.
2006 - 2007 Cub Scout Program Helps #1
2006 - 2007 Cub Scout Program Helps #2
2006 - 2007 Cub Scout Program Helps #3
Midwest Council 2006-2007 Program Planning Guide  
Midwest Council 2009-2010 Program Planning Guide Plan your Pack or Troops next year using this guide.  Plan the Ideal Year of Scouting for your organization.
Webelos and Arrow of Light Ceremonies
Explanation of the Arrow of Light Award  
Arrow of Light Ceremony #1  
Arrow of Light - 7 Candle Ceremony  
Arrow of Light - The Burning Scarf Ceremony  
Arrow of Light - The Seven Virtues  
Webelos 3 Candle Ceremony This Webelos ceremony was tailored from several others found on the Internet.  Change this to suit your needs.
Boy Scout Leader Handbooks
Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills  
The Scoutmasters Handbook Part 1  
The Scoutmasters Handbook Part 2  
The Scoutmasters Handbook Part 3  
Troop Committee Guidebook  
Troop Program Features Vol1 Pt1  
Troop Program Features Vol1 Pt2  
Troop Program Features Vol2 Pt1  
Troop Program Features Vol2 Pt2  
Troop Program Features Vol3 Pt1  
Troop Program Features Vol3 Pt2  
Troop Program Resources  
Troop Program Resources 2004  
Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens and Packs
Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens & Packs-Part 1  
Cub Scout Ceremonies for Dens & Packs-Part 2  
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005 - Part 1  
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005 - Part 2  
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005 - Part 3  
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005 - Part 4  
Cub Scout Leader Handbook 2005 - Part 5  
Cub Scout Month Planning
The Packs First Three Months  
Plan A: 4th Grade Webelos Den Starting in June  
Plan B: 4th Grade Webelos Den Starting in Sept  
Plan C: Webelos Den with 4th & 5th Graders  
Plan D: Dens with new 5th Grade Webelos Scouts  
Webelos Leader Resources  
Cub Scout Sports and Academic Program
Sports and Academic Program Part 1 BSA publication 34299B.  This is the first 50 pages.  Pages are now in correct order.  Thank you Linda!
Sports and Academic Program Part 2 Pages 50 - 100.
Mid-America Council Camp Reservation Forms
Camp Facilities Reservation Form  
Covered Wagon Facilities Reservation Form  
Durham Scout Center Outdoor Learning Center Reservation Form  
Material from MAC University of Scouting - Webelos
Tree Identification 4-H Project
Leaf Identification to 88 Ohio Trees  
Guide to Webelos Forester Badge  
Iowa's Trees from Iowa Association of Naturalists
Pocket Guide to Identifying Common Tennessee Trees  
Tree Identification for Kids 2003 Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Mystery Tree Challenge National Arbor Day Foundation
Planet Earth Geological Survey of Canada
Rocks & Minerals Geological Survey of Canada
Ecology 3rd grade level
Thirstin's Wacky Water Adventure K-3 level
Thirstin’s Water Cycle Adventure Poster of water cycle for children
Salt Creek Tiger Beetle University Of Nebraska - Lincoln
Clove Hitch Knot  
The Principles of Leave No Trace  
Tying Farm Knots  
Taut-Line Hitch  
Webelos Outdoorsman Activities  
Drugs a Deadly Game Drugs a Deadly Game Choose to Refuse from the Drug Abuse Task Force.  This is an activity book for Webelos Scouts to educate them on the dangers of drugs.  This is one of the requirements for the Fitness Activity Badge.
Fitness Workbook A Webelos Fitness Workbook.  Good links to other resources. Source unknown.
Lighthouse Fitness Workbook Another Fitness Workbook put together by a Den Leader from Pack 146. 
Material from MAC University of Scouting - 2007 held at Girls and Boys Town, Omaha
Camping 101 Beginning camping document compiled by Bob Jacober for the class titled “Camping 101”.
Camping Gadgets Intermediate to advanced camping tips and tricks compiled by Bob Jacober for the class titled “Camping Gadgets”.
Flag Etiquette "Flag Etiquette - Things you knew and then some" by Connie Jones from the 2012 University of Scouting. 
Merit Badges
Tracking Merit Badge Information and requirements for the new 2010 Historic Merit Badge Tracking.  This is a four page flyer that explains the history of the Merit Badge and what the Scout needs to complete in order to achieve the Merit Badge by end of the year 2010.
Stalking Merit Badge (1942) This is the original Tracking Merit Badge (then named "stalking") published in 1942.  This describes how to track and trail animals, birds and persons.
Webelos Leader Handbook
Webelos Leader Handbook Part 1  
Webelos Leader Handbook Part 2  
Webelos Leader Handbook Part 3  
Boy Scout Recruitment Guide Crossroads of America Council
A Year-Round Guide to Boy Scout Recruiting BSA literature
Scout Crafts And Activities
Plans for Camp Table  
Daily Prayer  
Flag Retirement Ceremony  
Hiking Stick Plans from the patrol sketchbook series
Land Navigation  
Lashings A Guide to Lashings and knots, 23 pgs
BSA Knots of Recognition poster
Our Flag History and care of the US flag
Patrol Flag Ideas for creating a patrol flag
Patrol Kitchen Box A Patrol Sketchbook design
Pioneering Projects Big & Small From ballista to wash basins
Scout Craft Files 20 page booklet on camp ideas for leaders
The MacScouter's Big Book of Skits  
Cub Scout SKITS for you and me Subtitled An Anthology of Pow Wow Skits
Soaring Eagle District
Soaring Eagle Round Table Handouts Sep 2007 Handouts and forms from the September 2007 Soaring Eagle District Round Tables
Scout To First Class Advancement Worksheets
Scout Joining Requirements  
Tenderfoot Class Requirements Workbook  
First Class Requirements Workbook  
Second Class Requirements Workbook  
Webelos Den Leader Training Guide
Webelos Den Leader Training Guide  
Webelos Den Leader Training Guide - WB This is the participant workbook
Webelos Study Guides and Tests
Arrow of Light Study Guide  
Citizen Game  
Citizen Game - Answers  
Nebraska Flag Information  
Patrol Emblems  
Red Cross First Aid Safety workbook and puzzles
Webelos Arrow of Light Test1  
Webelos Arrow of Light Test1 Answers  
Webelos Overnight Checklist  
Webelos Rank Test 1  
Webelos Rank Test Answers  
Webelos To Boy Scouts Test  
Map & Compass
Wilderness Navigation for Outdoor Leaders Wilderness Navigation for Outdoor Leaders. From Nova Scotia Outdoor Leadership Development Program. Good instructions for map & compass work for leaders considering teaching the topic.
Orienteering Merit Badge - Four Day Lesson Plan  A good 4 day lesson plan for leaders that might consider teaching the Boy Scout Orienteering Merit Badge.
Compass Game Lab Compass Game submitted by Richard Cole, Scoutmaster from Troop 16, Franklin Tennessee.
Compas Game 2 Lab Compass Game submitted by Richard Cole, Scoutmaster from Troop 16, Franklin Tennessee.
Other Documents
New uniform information Pamphlet detailing the new Boy Scout and Cub Scout high tech uniforms that will be available Fall 2008
Advancement Guide Book 2008 This is the 2008 Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures Guidebook.  It covers Cub Scouts through Venturing.

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