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Welcome to the Boy Scout Troop 412 Web Site

Troop 412 is a Boy Scout Troop chartered by Zion Lutheran Church in Omaha, Nebraska.  Troop 412 meets at Zion Lutheran Church in Northwest Omaha (144th and Ida) most Mondays at 7:00PM.  At least one campout is scheduled per month.

Our Troop is a member of the Mid-America Council Soaring Eagle district.  Please visit us again in the coming weeks and months as new content is added.  Our sister pack, Pack 412, has it's own web page.

Pahuk Pride (July 2014)

Troop 412 at Pahuk Pride (July 2014)Eight Scouts from Troop 412 attended the National Youth Leadership Training Course (known as Pahuk Pride) at Little Suix Scout Rounch.  Pakuk Pride is a seven-day, high-energy, outdoor, youth leadership training adventure. During the course, Scouts from all over our Mid-America Council camp and work together as members of a patrol and troop. During the week of the Pahuk Pride, Scouts have a chance to try out many new leadership skills that they can use in your own unit or team.  Providing Scouts with a toolbox of leadership skills is a major focus the week's training.

Photos will be posted soon...

Summer Camp (July 2014)

Troop 412 at Camp Cedars (Four Eagles campsite).  July 2014

Troop 412 enjoyed another summer camp at Camp Cedars.  This year marks its 8th year at Camp Cedars.  This year the Troop sent a record 21 Scouts and 4 adult Scout leaders to Camp Cedars.  The Scouts were busy at camp by earning 86 merit badges.  This year was special because the Troop stayed during the special "Nightmare before Christmas Week".

Mrs Argo took many, many photos at camp.  You can see them here in the Photo Gallery.

Spring Camporee (April 2014)

Spring Camporee 2014Troop 412 attended the Soaring Eagle District Spring Camporee at Little Sioux Scout Ranch on the weekend of April 25 - 27. "The Batman" Patrol from Troop 412 took overall first place in the camporee.  This was a back to back victory so the Troop keeps the eagle trophy won previously in the Jan 2014 Winter Camporee.  The theme of this month's camporee was The Hunger Games.  There were many competitions for the 600 Scouts that attended the weekend's campout including a grueling obstacle course, fire starting, team walk, block & tackle, knots, and a hill race.  Some of the Scouts made and spent the night in shelters that they built.  The Troop had 5 new candidates for the Order of the Arrow this year (Aaron, Austin, Luke, Arden and Brandon).  This weekend we had a record 33 scouts and 15 adults attend from our Troop.

The first event on Saturday was the orientation challenge through rugged terrain.  The event took anywhere from 2 to 5 hours to complete.  Patrols that were successful in navigating the checkpoints and complete the course were awarded a flag (or beacon).  There were a limited number of flags, so only some Patrols were given flags.  During the course of the day Patrols could challenge other Patrols in order to capture their flag.  The goal of all the competitions was to keep a flag and score as many points from various challenges through out the day.

You can find photos of the Spring Camporee here in the Photo Gallery.

You can also get photos from the campout here on DropBox.


Scouting for Food 2014 (April 2014)

Troop 412 and Pack 412 Scouting For Food.The gifts where bountiful this year as Troop 412 and Pack 412 gathered 1,223 food items for local food pantries.  The annual food drive known as Scouting For Food is a Mid-America council event that happens every April and is sponsored by ConAgra Foods Foundation and benefits the Food Bank for the Heartland and other local agencies.  

Troop 412 gathered nonperishable items from neighborhoods around Zion Lutheran Church near 144th and Ida and this year’s event topped the previous record of 1035 food items in 2006.  Thank you to all our friends and neighbors that participated and donated to this event.

Photos from the event can be found here in the Photo Gallery

Winter Camporee (January 2014)

Troop 412 Winter Camporee 2014 TrophyTroop 412 attended the January 17-19 Soaring Eagle Winter Camporee at Little Sioux Scout Range.  The theme of the camporee was Zombie Apocalypse!  There were all sorts of crazy events like Zombie Shoot and Run, Zombie Javelin, Recover the Wounded and Tennis Ball Fire Starting Kit. One of the patrols lit their fire in .8 seconds. Troop 412 took first place overall in the camporee.

Webelos Invite Campout (October 2013)

Troop 412 October 2013 Campout at Chalco Hills.  This was the Troop's Webelos InviteTroop 412 enjoyed a beautiful Autumn weekend at Chalco Hills Recreation area on October 25-26.  Troop 412 was joined by Webelos from Packs 374, 494, 86, 412, 349 and 380.  The Scouts & Webelos cooked meals & cleaned up after meals together. On Saturday afternoon the Boy Scout trained the Webelos on First Aid, Knots and Wilderness Survial.

You can see all the photos from the October 2013 campout at Chalco Hills Recreation here in the Photo Gallery.  Click here for a panaramic view of the Troop's campsite.

Summer Camp (July 2013)

Troop 412 Summer Camp 2013Troop 412 returns to Camp Cedar for their 7th Summer Camp.  This week temperatures were for the most part cooler than normal and most welcomed by the Scouts.  This was the largest group of Scouts that went to camp since the Troop started going to Cedars in 2006.  This year 15 Scouts attended camp.

You can see photos of the Troop gathering for camp in the parking lot of the church here in the Troop Photo Gallery.  (I think it was goofy hat day.)  Some other photos from camp are in the gallery as well.  I will add additional photos as I receive them from the Scouts & Scouters.

A Day at the Zoo (February 2013)

Troop 412 Scouts at the Henry Doorly ZooSeveral of the Scouts from Troop 412 attended the Environmental Science Merit Badge Class at the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo this last Saturday (Feb 16).  The class consisted of both classroom instruction as well as field work in the Aquarium and the Lied Jungle.  After the Scouts finished their class they were free to explore the rest of the zoo.

If you get a chance check out the Scouts Program page on the Henry Doorly Zoo website to see what they have to offer your Scouting organization.  They have merit badge classes for Oceanography, Nature, Environmental Science, Mammal Study, Bird Study, Insect Study, Reptile and Amphibian Study

You can see all of the photos from the day at the Henry Doorly Zoo in the Photo Gallery.

Klondike Derby (February 2013)

Mid-America Council Klondike Derby February 2013The Troop participated in this year's Winter Mid-America Council Camporee at Little Sioux Scout Ranch.  In a Klondike Derby, Scout patrols acting as huskies pulled specially designed homemade sleds around a field course marked by stations named for towns or cities, such as Dawson or Fairbanks. At each town the Scouts worked together, solving problems, as well as participated in contests and other activities.

There were around 20 or so troops at the camp and around 200 or so scouts participating in the activities. Troop 412 took 3rd place in the Spear throwing contest. Brandon took 3rd place in the 22 rifle shooting contest and Blake threw a perfect bulls eye with a tomahawk at 15’. We also took 2nd place in our group of teams in the Klondike sled race. We think we were 4th overall by just a few seconds in the race. You can see the Feb 9, 2013 Klondike Race here.  You can see that the snow was in short supply that day.

Our previous Klondike Derby was Jan 24, 2009.  It got down to -5 degrees at night!  This year the temperature was around 32 degrees, so it was relatively warm in comparison to our previous Klondike.  You can see some old photos of the 2009 "Winter Freezeree" at this link in the Photo Gallery.  A short video of the 2009 Klondike race is here.

You can find more photos of the February Klondike Derby here in the Photo Gallery.

November 2012 Campout

Troop 412 camping near Tabor Iowa (Nov 2012)Troop 412 enjoyed their November campout at Buzzy's place near Tabor Iowa.  The temperatures were warm (for November) in the day and cool in the evening.  The Troop's activities included a compass course, a Totin' Chip class, a Firem'n Chit class and Capture the flag.  Some of the older Scouts in the Troop decided to practice primitive camping, while the others stayed at base camp.  The Troop  enjoyed a fantastic sunrise on Sunday morning.  Later in the morning on Sunday, Buzzy took the Scouts on a hike to find deer sheds (antlers that have fallen off).

You can see all the photos from the November 2012 campout near Tabor Iowa here in the Photo Gallery.

Camp Wakonda (September 2012)

Pastor Stavic leads Troop 412 in the game "Cranes & Crows"Troop 412 camped at Camp Wakonda in Bellevue, Nebraska for their September 2012 campout.  The Troop has been here many times before but this was the first time that we camped at the south end at the Chase campsite.  Each Patrol in the Troop cooked some delicious meals including (breakfast) hungry man, burrito breakfast sandwiches, (lunch) rice balls, meatball sandwiches, (dinner) BBQ ribs, fries, pot roast, Ranger Ham Mac & Cheese and Cheesecake.  The Troop enjoyed the beautiful fall weather and learn some new games like British Bulldog, Cranes & Crows, Steal the Bacon and Ultimate Capture the Flag.

You can see photos from the September 2012 campout here in the Photo Gallery.

Indian Cave State Park (June 2012)

Troop 412 at Indian Cave State ParkThe scouts of Boy Scout Troop 412 camped at Indian Cave State Park on the weekend of June 15th through 17th.  This is the first time the Troop had camped at this location although, some of the Scouts had been here before as Cub Scouts with Pack 412 in 2008.  The weekend was both sunny and rainy, but the Scouts were able to keep mostly dry underneath their large carport style tent.  The large tent was graciously donated by the Marshall and Reynolds family 2 years ago, and is perfect for the Troop to cook underneath during summer thunderstorms. 

Indian Cave State Park has wonderful living-history activities including a fully working blacksmith shop, soap making, candle making and broom making.  The park has a large group campsite as well as some nice secluded tent camping spaced out nicely so that campers aren't crammed into a small confined area. 

Four of the newer Scouts were taught by the Senior Patrol Leader knife and axe skills. Half of them were able to pass their Toten' Chip test and earn the right to carry their pocket knife and use the axe and saw to cut wood for the weekend. The other two Scouts will be able to retake their test at the next Troop meeting to earn their Toten' Chip card. The cave itself is more of an outcrop of rock in the side of hill, nevertheless it is not disappointing.  You can easily identify several petroglyhs (rock engravings) etched on the rock wall.  The ancient Indian picture writings depict forms, shapes and scenes, mostly of elements of nature and wildlife.

The cave at Indian Cave State Park

Off course we had to stop by the St. Deroin gravesite of the colorful and legendary character A.J. Ritter.

Indian Cave offers some nice scenic views of the Missouri River and some extensive walking trails.

Panaramic view of storm over Missouri river

Photos from the Troop's campout can be viewed here in the Photo Gallery.

April 2012 Soaring Eagle Spring Camporee

Spring Camporee 2012 at Camp FontanelleTroop 412 enjoyed a nice weekend on April 27-29 at Camp Fontanelle along with many other BSA Troops in the Soaring Eagle District.  Camp Fontanelle is located just north of Freemont Nebraska. The theme for the campout was medieval days complete with knights, wizards and even a princess.  Activities at the Spring Camporee included Obstacle Course, Orienteering, Tomahawk Throwing, Exploring and a Service Project.  During the Saturday night campfire 3 of our Scouts were "called out" for Order of the Arrow, a national honor society.

You can see photos from the April Spring Camporee at Camp Fontanelle here in the Photo Gallery.  Here are a few other multi-media images that you can view from this campout:

March 2012 Campout at Two Rivers State Park

Two Rivers State ParkTroop 412 camped at Two Rivers State Park for their March 2012 campout. They hiked 6 miles and found 3 GeoCaches, fished and held Scout Olympics. Two Rivers State Park must be a popular camping location for Boy Scouts because there were 6 other Scout Troops at the State Park that weekend.

You can see photos from the March 2012 campout at Two Rivers State Park here in the Photo Gallery.

Webelos Crossover (Feb 2012)

Webelos from Pack 86 Crossover into Boy ScoutsWebelos Crossover or bridging ceremonies are special because it represents a transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.  When a boy has completed the requirements to join the Boy Scouts he then selects a Troop to join and the Scouts in that Troop welcomes him during a crossover ceremony.  Troop 412 have four such crossovers expected this Spring.  We had two this month and the last one had special significance because the two new Scouts were welcomed by their older brothers.  Two Webelos, Evan and Wesley, from Pack 86 chartered by Adam’s Elementary joined our Troop this weekend and during the crossover ceremony their older brothers replaced their Cub Scout neckerchiefs with their new Boy Scout neckerchiefs.  Welcome to Troop 412 Evan and Wesley!  We hope your path down the Boy Scout trail  is rewarding and meaningful.  

You can see photos of the Pack 86 crossover on the photo gallery.  Don't miss this video of former Cubmaster Jon Lyster (presently Scoutmaster for Troop 412) leading Pack 86 in an old favorite, Penguins Unite.

What are the requirements to join the Boy Scouts?  The requirements have changed over the years, but the 2012 requirements according to national is  “Your son can be a Scout if he has completed the fifth grade and is at least 10 years old or is age 11 or has earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but has not reached age 18.”  Got that?  I think I need a flowchart or something.  I think it’s easier to understand if the statement is broken down like this:

  Your son can be a Scout if....
  He has completed the fifth grade and is at least 10 years old
  is age 11
  has earned the Arrow of Light Award and is at least 10 years old, but has not reached age 18

January 2012 Mahoney Campout

Scouts from Troop 412 take the Skating Merit BadgeThe January campout for Troop 412 was at Mahoney State Park. Temperatures were pretty cold (5 degrees with the wind chill) but the Troop bundled up and enjoyed their campout.  There was a large turnout for this month's campout. They had an opportunity to take the Skating Merit Badge at the Mahoney ice skating rink. Several scouts and adults help the Zamboni clean the ice and tested the theory of how hard ice can be. We were joined by our District Exec Tyler Wisecup however he was a little shy to putting on the skates and chose rather to laugh at other scouts and scouters.  He has posted some nice photos that he took of the Troop here. The adult patrol had fun experimenting with new ways to cook chicken and various other food items in a deep fat fryer.

You can find photos of the Troop skating and camping at Mahoney here in the Troop Photo Gallery.  You can see a short video here.

A Night at the Museum (Nov 2011)

Troop 412 visits the Strategic Air and Space MuseumThe Scouts of Troop 412 spent the night in November at the Strategic Air & Space Museum in Ashland Nebraska.  The Museum put on a wonderful program for the Aviation Merit Badge.  The Scouts were able to talk to a pilot, tour the museum and ride in the flight simulator.  The activities wrapped up around 11:30 PM and the Scouts slept underneath the SR-71 Blackbird.

After the night at the museum the Troop finished their weekend camping at nearby Eugene T. Mahoney State Park.  They worked on their camping and orienteering skills and enjoyed the pleasant November weather.

You can find photos of Troop 412's visit to Strategic Air & Space Museum and Mahoney State Park in the photo gallery

Tabor Campout (August 2011)

August 2011 Tabor CampoutTroop 412 spent some time working on survival skills during the August Campout in Tabor, Iowa.  The Scouts learned about starting a fire without the use of matches.  Flint & steel was a popular technique as well as battery & and steel wool.  The Scouts learn how to make a shelter with tarps and ground cloths.  Water filtration and solar stills were a handy way to get water from the local environment, and a bright flash of light could be created from a mirror to signal for help.  (See the signal mirror demonstration.)  Gone were the Dutch ovens and patrol boxes.  Instead the Troop dug into MRE's and dehydrated backpacker meals.  And of course, they always enjoy seeing Buzzy's custom 3 wheel Army motorcycle.

Picture can be found here in the photos gallery.

Camp Cedars Summer Camp (July 2011)

Troop 412 enjoyed another wonderful Summer Camp at Camp Cedars this July.  This marks the 6th stay at the camp for our 6 year old Boy Scout Troop.  The Scouts learned to cope with the excessive heat by drinking plenty of water, wearing hats, and staying in the shade whenever possible.  We brought along many 1st year Summer Camp campers as well as some veteran campers that were introduced to Nani-Ba-Zhu.

Pohawk Point

The scenic view at Pohawk Point at Camp Cedars

Many photos of the July 2011 Summer Camp at Camp Cedars are available here.

Camp Wakonda Campout (June 2011)

The Troop had it's first campout without snow in many months.  We did see some rain and many, many mosquitoes.  How many mosquitoes?  Well, they were so thick that we could hear them in swarms in the evenings.  It sounded like a electric power lines were next to the campsite.

Photos of the June 2011 campout at Camp Wakonda are available here.

Eagle Court of Honors (May 2011)

Billy and Andrew had their Eagle Court of Honors this Spring.  This now brings the total number of Scouts to achieve Eagle Rank in Troop 412 to three. The first Scout to earn the rank of Eagle was Josh who earned it in April 2008. Billy had his Eagle Court of Honor on April 17th, Andrew on May 14th.  Congratulations Billy & Andrew! Photos for Billy and Andrew's Eagle Ceremonies are available here and here.

First Troop Meeting Photos

I found some old photos of Troop 412's first Troop Meeting!  It was held on March 27, 2006 in the church's multi-purpose room.  We've since then outgrown the multi-purpose room and now meet in the Lakeview room.  See the photos of the meeting here.  Mr. Auch was Scoutmaster at the time and we had five Scouts present.  There was a Committee Meeting before the Troop Meeting and many of the original leaders were in attendance.  Photos are available here in the Photo Gallery.

Spring Camporee (April 2011)

Troop 412 at Spring CamporeeTroop 412 participated in the Soaring Eagle District Spring Camporee on April 15-16th at Camp Cedars. 

This was one of those campouts that showed how the weather in Nebraska can very quickly and unexpectedly.   Friday night the Troop battled against 40 mph winds, 33 degree temperatures, and blowing snow while trying to setup their tents.  On Saturday afternoon the skies were clear and the temperatures were in the 60's.  Some Scouts and Leaders even had mild sunburns.

The campout featured an "Iron Patrol Chef" cooking competition. Troop 412's entry was Dutch oven cooked bratwurst and sauerkraut. Other Patrol competitions at the Camporee were...

  • Kim's Kitchen – This tested the patrol's memory.
  • Pancake relay – The Patrol had to start a fire, cook a pancake, take it to the syrup station, bring it back to the feeding station for the Patrol Leader to eat.  (See photo!)
  • Cook gadgets – This demonstrated the Patrol's pioneering skills.
  • Cooking knowledge test – a written test created by a chef for each patrol to complete.
  • “Toxic Cooking Oil” transport – an exercise in teamwork.
Well over 50 Troops participated in this year's Camporee and tents were spread out as far as the eye could see.

Spring Camporee view from the Parking Lot

Picture above (Click on photo to zoom in):  At 9:00 AM on Saturday April 16th, there was still snow on the ground from the night before.  The sun was starting to shine and warm things up.  The Troop's two new green Eureka 5 man tents are in the center of the photo.  The "carport" tent was used as a wind block (just to the left of the new tents).  Notice the propane tanks and patrol boxes tied to the carport tent to keep it from taking flight from the strong winds.

Spring Camporee 2011.  Things are warming up...Picture above (Click on photo to zoom in):  Two hours later at 11:00 AM the snow has melted and the temperature is beginning to rise quickly.  Later in the afternoon all of the heavy coats were shed and we experienced some unexpected mild sunburns in the 60 degree temperatures and clear skies.  Most of the other Troops at the Camporee were located in the upper right and section of the photo. 

All the photos from the April 2011 Spring Camporee at Camp Cedars can be found here in the Photo Gallery. 

March Campout at Wakonda

Troop 412 camps at Wakonda in the snowThe Troop 412 camped at Camp Wakonda in Bellevue, Nebraska this March 2011. Unseasonable snowy weather kept the Troop huddled close to the fire when they weren’t busy with Patrol activities. Scouts were active with fire building and wood crafts training for their Totin' Chip and Fireman chit. Scouts that braved the elements this weekend will earn their Polar Bear patch. Camp Wakonda is adjacent to Fontenelle Forest and Scouts had several hikes into the snowy and muddy trails.

You can find more photos of Troop 412's campout at Camp Wakonda in here in the Photo Gallery.  The Troop has camped at Wakonda several times before in the past few years.  You can see information on those campouts here and here.

Old Scouts welcome new Scouts (March 2011)

It's been several months since this site has been updated with Troop events.  I normally post about the happenings of the Troop; whether it's our monthly campout, service project or fundraiser.  This month instead I'd like to reflect on the changes the Troop has seen this winter.

 These last few weeks the "old" Scouts of the Troop (Star, Life and Eagle) have been busy welcoming the new Webelos Cub Scouts from local Cub Scout Packs.  Scouts from the Troop take part in the crossover or bridging ceremony along with the Scoutmaster.  The Webelos and parents are at one side of a small wooden ceremonial bridge and the at the other side the representatives of the Troop are assembled. The Webelos Cub Scout parents remove their old neckerchiefs and the Boy Scouts place their new Troop neckerchiefs on their uniforms.  Bridging is an important ceremony for 2nd-year Webelos. It marks their official transition from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts  The Troop has embraced 12 Webelos Cub Scouts in 3 bridging ceremonies from local Packs in the last few weeks.  There are a few photos from the Pack 86 bridging ceremony.

Old Scout New Scout The Youngest Cub and the Oldest Scout at Olympia (Leslie McCreadle, aged 8, and the Earl of Meath, aged 80). From: The Jamboree Book, 1920, Boy Scout Association

Normal Rockwell's Growth of a LeaderAlso, during the winter two of the Troop's Scouts have passed their Eagle Board of Reviews in order to achieve the Eagle Rank. Billy and Andrew are two of the original Scouts that were in the Troop when it started in 2006.  They both worked very hard over the last 5 years to earn their Eagle Rank.  Their Eagle projects last year involved building improvements for their church and at Camp Luther.

This now brings the total number of Scouts to achieve Eagle Rank in Troop 412 to three. The first Scout to earn the rank of Eagle was Josh who earned it in April 2008.  Since then Josh has turned 18 and this winter has transitioned in to an adult leadership role as Assistant Scoutmaster. 


November 2010 Campout

Troop 412 looks for animal tracks around Lake #1Troop 412 had it's November campout at Two Rivers State Park. We arrived Friday night and were meet with driving cold rain/slush. The Troop quickly setup a wind break with the "carport tent". After Friday's bluster start the weather was much improved for Saturday & Sunday. Both days were dry and sunny which gave us an opportunity to dry out and work on Fishing and Animal Tracking merit badges. Several of the older scouts taught the younger scouts fire and woodsmanship skills for their Fireman Chit and Totin' Chip cards.

Typical late fall afternoon in NebraskaThis was our first campout at this State Park and we camped near Lake #1 in the LakeSide campground area. The park was visited by hunters (bird & deer) but mostly the park was empty from campers.

Troop 412 inspect fresh animal tracks The Tracking Merit Badge was first offered to Boy Scouts in 1911 and was discontinued in 1952. It was reintroduced for one year in 2010 in honor of the 100 year anniversary of Boy Scouts. Carpentry, Pathfinding and Signalling Merit Badges were also reintroduced for a limited one year only run as well. The original name of the Tracking Merit Badge was "stalking", but was renamed to "tracking" because of the modern day negative meaning. This Merit Badge teaches the Scout how to find, identify and evaluate tracks of birds and animals. Here is a sample requirement:

Tracking Merit BadgeSubmit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed two different kinds of wild animals or birds on ordinary ground far enough to determine the direction in which they were going, and their gait or speed. Give the names of animals or birds trailed, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed; or submit satisfactory evidence that he has trailed six different kinds of wild animal or birds in snow, sand, dust, or mud, far enough to determine the direction they were going and their gait or speed. Give names of animals or birds, their direction of travel, and describe gait and speed.

You can find more photos of Troop 412's campout at Two Rivers State Recreation Area in the photo gallery.  Information on the new Tracking Merit Badge and also the original historic Merit Badge book can be found in the Troop library.

Some Thank Yous!

Soup Supper (Mar 2014)
Troop 412 Soup SupperTroop 412 held a fundraiser Soup Supper at Zion Lutheran Church on 03/29/2013.  The Troop made some incredible soups like Cheese Burger Soup, Baked Potatoes Soup, White Chili, and good old fashioned Chicken Noodle.  The fellowship hall was packed -- turn out was fantastic!  The Super Heroes Patrol won the soup competition with their Cheese Burger Soup.

The Troop would like to thank Zion Lutheran Church, its congregants, all diners and the following local business that helped with donations:

  • Freddy's Steakburger (156th & Maple)
  • Walmart (Irvington)
  • Hi-Vee (156 & Maple)
  • Twin Peaks (West Center Rd)

 412 Thanks Veterans for their Service
Troop 412 Fundraiser VFW
The Scouts of Troop 412 held two fundraisers for the VFW (Veterans of Foriegn Wars) in October and November 2012.  Thank you to the fine folks at HyVee (132nd & Maple) and WalMart (168th & Maple).  Those two establishments kindly allowed us to use their store fronts for the fundraisers.  Thanks to the patrons for their kind donations. 


Special Thanks to the Patrons of the Troop Garage Sale!
Troop 412 Garage Sale (Jun 2012)Thank you to everyone that donated to or purchased items at our June 29th & 30th 2012 garage sale.  The proceedes from the garage sale will be used toward the purchase of new tents, camp stoves and other supplies.

Thanks to the Marshall and Reynolds family for the donation of a "carport" style tent.  It has been used on many campouts and has helped to keep the rain and wind off of the Scouts.

The Pancake FeedPancake Feed was Great!

The Boy Scouts of Troop 412 would like to thank the local businesses and families that donated food & supplies to make l pancake feed possible (01/17/2010).   Also, special thanks to the great turnout of our charter organization congregation at Zion Lutheran Church and for letting us use their kitchen.  The Troop will be able to purchase much needed replacement camp supplies and fund campouts throughout the year.  Pictures will be posted in the Gallery soon. Local businesses that helped the fundraiser by donating food and supplies were:

  • Burger King (144th & Center)
  • Village Inn (138th & Maple)

Thank you to the anonymous donation

Troop 412's newly donated popup shelterThank you to the anonymous donor that left an "E-Z UP" popup shelter for Troop 412. One of the Troop leaders went into the Durham Scout Center and was notified that some kind person donated a popup shelter for the Troop. We put it to immediate use on our campout at Hormel Park in August. The sun was out in full force so the extra shade certainly was welcomed.  Over the last several months the Troop was also donated a Dutch oven stand (The Auchs) and portable table (The Brandquists). Thank you to all! 

What's New on this Site?

  • May 18, 2014 - Posted photos here from the May Camp Eagle Campout.

  • May 11, 2014 - Added Order of the Arrow weekend photo dump here in the Photo Gallery.

  • April 27, 2014 - Spring Camporee and photos.  Starting to post Trail to First Class Guides in the library.

  • April 13, 2014 - Scouting for Food photos.

  • Sep 9, 2013 - Photos from the September Court of Honor have been posted here in the Photo Gallery.

  • Nov 26, 2012 - Photos and blog entry from the Troop's November campout.

  • Sept 28, 2012 - Photos from the Troop's campout at Camp Wakonda are posted in the Photo Gallery

  • June 23, 2012 - Added Indian Cave State Park Troop campout content and photos in the Photo Gallery.

  • May 3rd, 2012 - Added photos of the Soaring Eagle Spring 2012 Camporee

  • February 25, 2012 - Added photos of this weekends Blue & Gold and Crossover Ceremony for Pack 86.

  • January 22, 2012 - Added photos of the Mahoney State Park Campout. 

  • September 3, 2011 - Added photos of the August 2011 campout at Tabor, Iowa.  Added photos of the August 2011 Court of Honor.  Photos can be seen in the Photo Gallery.

  • July 21, 2011 - Added photos of our stay at Camp Cedars (Summer Camp) here in the photo gallery.

  • July 4, 2011 - Added the Chocolate Chip Dutch Oven Cheesecake recipe to the Dutch Oven Favorites page. 

  • June 23, 2011 - Photos from the June 17-19th Wakonda Campout are posted here in the Photo Gallery.

Where have all the old front page articles gone?  You can find them on the archive page.

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