A Clockwork Orange General Dj Bettencourt Makes for a Better Court for the Salem Budget Committee

Dj Bettencourt Makes for a Better Court for the Salem Budget Committee

Dj Bettencourt Makes for a Better Court for the Salem Budget Committee post thumbnail image

D.J. Bettencourt is in the Salem Budget Committee. He has a personal blog outlining his experience as part of said committee. This lifelong Salem resident—Salem in New Hampshire, to be more specific—wishes to impart info about Salem and how it is governed. It also covers a biography of D.J.

Transparency is an important part of governance. This helps cut down suspicion on the part of the residents and make corruption less likely because every step of the commission is made public (within reason, of course).

Who Is This Information For?

• Salem, New Hampshire Residents: Dj Bettencourt made the website to deliver info to Salem residents about Salem’s municipal governance. The reports serve as his way of maintaining transparency as part of the Salem Budget Committee and what they’re using the budget for.

• A Member of the Committee: D.J. also wishes to serve the Salem community as part of the Town Charter Commission and Budget Committee. Before this, he was instead part of the Economic Development Action Committee. He’s a dedicated public servant who knows the importance of public relations or PR.

• What Info is Being Revealed? The info being made public by the blog is within reason. It showcases info meant to be made public and no sensitive or private info that could hurt the community if made public. It’s a PR blog about the latest projects the committee plans to do that’s in the best interests of Salem residents.

• Miscellaneous Info and Pertinent Entries: Visit the blog page in order to read up on helpful Salem articles for good measure. As for the biography of Mr. Bettencourt, you can find out about him on the About Tab. It outlines his history as a public servant of Salem as well as his job as deputy commission on the NH insurance department.

The New Hampshire Deputy Insurance Commissioner and Transparent Public Servant

For 2 years, Mr. Dj Bettencourt has been the New Hampshire Insurance Department’s Deputy Commissioner. He was also a NH House of Representatives member (2004-2012), and majority leader (2010-2012). As for Salem, he is part of the Budget Committee and Charter Commission. Previously, he instead served on the Economic Development Action Committee in Salem as well.

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